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Calterm III 3.6 + MetaFiles
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Calterm III 3.6 + MetaFiles

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Type: Diagnostic software

Calterm III 3.6 + MetaFiles is diagnostic and calibration software of electronic engines, that provides electronic subsystem tools and feature sets of the subsystem.

Calterm III 3.6 + MetaFiles is used by engineers to improve performance diagnostics for engines and electronic control units (ECMS).

In order to try to give the most support of each program the electronic motor, this tool will provide a basic set of features that will work on any ECM following standards Tools interface. Individual and unique features will be added as they are needed. Calterm III 3.6 + MetaFiles was originally designed to support the Global Interface Specification Tool, LPS 4.5 and Core-II software. With the release of Calterm III 3.6 + MetaFiles, version 2.4, support for 3.8 TDI, 2.0, and 2 pre-production was included.
The interface diagnostic tool Calterm III 3.6 + MetaFiles consists of a basic standard tools, but if necessary can add individual and unique features.


Calterm III 3.6 + MetaFiles presented five levels:



Level 0 (Service)

Basic Field Calterm functionality

Level 1 (Standard)

Calterm II + NGET functionality

Level 2 (Secure)

Calterm II + NGET + Unlock tool functionality

Level 3 (Enterprise)

Calterm II + NGET + Unlock + Engineering ESDN functionality

Level 4 (Service Pro)

Contains the same functionality as Level 0 (Service) + the capability to Download to a secure module

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