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HINO Diagnostic EXplorer/Hino-Bowie


HINO Diagnostic EXplorer/Hino-Bowie

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Type: Diagnostic software

HINO Diagnostic EXplorer / Hino-Bowie is a scan tool, which helps car owners themselves to diagnose current problems and issues.
Diagnostic adapter HINO EXplorer / Hino-Bowie provides useful features that help hold the settings of electronic systems based on HINO engines and implement diagnostics and calibration.
HINO Diagnostic EXplorer / Hino-Bowie is an indispensable tool in the diagnosis, identify the causes of failures and address identified problems.

The diagnostic adapter HINO Diagnostic Explorer / Hino-Bowie has the following features:
Detect and correct these problems;
Reference DTCs read from the ECU to appropriate diagnostic work flow sequences and immediately displays the required data.
Wondered sensor conditions from the vehicle when there is a problem (Frame function Freeze).
Controls the sensors and actuators equipped on the engine (Data Monitor function) and tests labor exploitation electromagnetic valves (Active Test function).
Imitates diagnostic work with only a PC (Simulation function).
ECU automatically saves the data and analyzes the problem based on the stored data, even if the cause of the problem can not be met.

Buy HINO Diagnostic EXplorer/Hino-Bowie

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