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Hino Diagnostic Explorer v3.0
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Hino Diagnostic Explorer v3.0

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Type: Diagnostic software

Diagnostic software Hino Diagnostic Explorer v3.0 provides all necessary functions for the diagnosis of the problems, test the features and configuration of the electronic systems built on the trucks company HINO.
Diagnostic tool Hino Diagnostic Explorer v3.0 works on a personal computers, which equipped with a operating systems as: Windows 95, 98, 2000 or XP. Diagnostic adapter Hino Diagnostic Explorer v3.0 connects to the network using the diagnostic connector via a communication I / F, after turning on the program can perform various operations to extract information from the engine ECU.
Hino Diagnostic Explorer v3.0 contains following functions:
- Acquires and deletes trouble data.

- Links diagnostic trouble codes read from the ECU to corresponding diagnostic work flow sequences and directly displays the required data.

- Obtains sensor conditions from the vehicle when trouble occurs (Freeze Frame function).

- Monitors the sensors and actuators equipped on the engine (Data Monitor function) and tests the operation of solenoid valves by forcefully operating them (Active Test function).

- Simulates diagnostic work with only a PC(Simulation function).

- Automatically saves fetched ECU data and analyzes trouble based on the saved data even when the cause of trouble cannot be grasped.

Aisin Transmission data viewing and diagnostics-2001-2007 Model Years

 * Display and Clear Diagnostic Codes

 * Display live data for diagnosis


 MDTICs Engine data viewing and diagnostics-2001-2004 Model Years

 * Display and Clear Diagnostic Codes

 * Display live data for diagnosis


 J05 & J08 Engine data viewing and diagnostics 2005-2008 Model Years

 * Display and Clear Diagnostic Codes

 * Display live data for diagnosis-Specific data can be selected


HINO Diagnostic Explorer v3.0 provides following features:

* Turn on Engine Protection Shutdown System

 * Set Maximum Vehicle Speed

 * Set Maximum Cruise Control Speed

 * Set PTO idle speeds fixed and variable

 * Change Injector Calibration QR Code when replacing injectors

 * Supply Pump relearning when replacing SCV or supply pump

 * Complete DPF testing and regeneration capabillity

 * Built in Help Menus for troubleshooting specific diagnostics


 Vender Name: ParTech J2534 Multi-Protocol Adaptor

 Device Name: Partech MX1 USB Device

 Protocols Supported: J1850VPW, J1850PWM, ISO9141, ISO14230, CAN, ISO15765, SCI_A_ENGINE, SCI_A_TRANS, SCI_B_ENGINE, SCI_B_TRANS, KWP81, KWP82, GM_ALDL


 Vender Name: Pi Technology

 Device Name: SID (SAE->RP1210)

 Protocols Supported: CAN,ISO9141,ISO15765,ISO14230,J1708,J1939


 Vender Name: Hino Motors, Ltd

 Device Name: HINO-BOWIE

 Protocols Supported: ISO9141, KWP2000, CAN

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