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Jungheinrich Judit v4.30 Catalog
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Jungheinrich Judit v4.30 Catalog

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Type: Parts catalogue / repair manual

Jungheinrich is the world famous German manufacturer of cargo handling equipment and material handling equipment, which is always of high quality and mobility.
Forklift Jungheinrich - a product that is certified high quality. This time-proven German technology. Jungheinrich brand has become a symbol of long work and reliability. Using modern equipment and innovative technologies, technology companies Jungheinrich was used as one of the main machines in warehouses, commercial sea ports, factories and companies.
For proper operation, repair quality and timely maintenance trucks Jungheinrich, you should purchase the program.
The program provides detailed information about original spare parts and accessories, parts description parts for equipment JETI, repair manuals and service, as well as programs for the diagnosis.
Software supports English, and delivered on 1 DVD.

Changes and supplements:
The following items have been improved or newly introduced in this issue:
• Basic software CoDeSys Runtime [version] debugged
• Miscellaneous projects revised
• Selection Katliste.csv aligned
• “Zusatzdiagnose” setup process reorganized, therefore a new one-time installation is necessary!

Validity of the software JUDIT - version 4.30:
System requirements:
• Windows XP - SP3 (SP2 is NOT sufficient!)
• Alternatively Windows 7 – SP1 (does NOT apply all parts of “Zusatzdiagnose”!)
• XGA-graphics (High Colour 16 Bit with 1024 x 768)
• DVD-Drive
• Minimum 2.5 GB of free Hard Disk Space
• Security Control Client (>= Version, delivered with JETI-ET) installed and enabled
• Acrobat Reader installed, only Version 6.01 to 6.06 or X (10)!
• Current up to date Judit-4-license-file ("License_JH.lfj")!

Initial Setup on service laptop:
1. Judit
• Note: the initial setup requires admin permissions!
(For initial setup under control of JH-MTATools see page 4)
• Insert DVD and launch Windows Explorer.
• Right click Judit-4-Installer.exe to start installation.
• Mark "Update". Finally click button "Start".
• Mark "Full installation" if an older version has to be uninstalled (the content of the folder “C:Program FilesJungheinrich AGDiagnoseJudit-3” will be deleted completely!). Finally click button "Start".
• End of installation is indicated by the following dialog box. Hit Button "OK" to exit.
• Make sure that the Judit-4-license file "License_JH.lfj" is present inside the folder "C:Program
FilesJungheinrich AGDiagnose Judit 3Kunde", otherwise you will receive an error message “100” when starting Judit!
• Note: JUDIT 4 must be installed to C:Program FilesJungheinrich AGDiagnoseJUDIT-3 !
. Auxiliary Diagnostic Program and OEM-Software (see also “Zusatzdiagnose 4.27.pdf”!)
• For installation of the Auxiliary Diagnostic Program "Zusatzdiagnose-Setup.exe" has to be executed from the DVD.
• Note: during the installation of SICK software “CDS” you will be asked for restarting. Please
click on button “NO” and restart only when installation has finally finished!

Installation via JH-MTATools:
• If JH-MTATools (> = version 1.00.0010) is present on the service PC, installation is possible
with only user permissions. No admin required.
• Insert DVD and open Windows-Start-Menu. Run "Judit 4 Setup" under Start / Program Files /
• If not currently present, copy license file "License_JH.lfj" into the folder "C:Program
FilesJungheinrich AGDiagnose Judit-3Kunde", otherwise you will receive the error message “100” when starting Judit-4 !
• For installation of the Auxiliary Diagnostic Program "Zusatzdiagnose-Setup.exe" open
Windows-Start-Menu. Run Start / Programme / JH-MTATools / Judit ZD Update. Please follow the note on page 3 below!

Buy Jungheinrich Judit v4.30 Catalog

We provide original Automotive Software, spare parts catalog, service manual, workshop manual, dealer repair manual, service bulletin, body repair manual, electrical wiring diagrams, hydraulic diagrams, owner manuals and other dealer technical service documentation.

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