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Nissan AR 2013 Parts Manual
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Nissan AR 2013 Parts Manual

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Type: Spare parts catalogue

Catalog of original spare parts Nissan AR 2013 contains full information about parts and accessories, detailed information on maintenance, software, special instructions, intended specially for special equipment Nissan.
Electronic parts manual Nissan AR 2013 contains the results of all tests performed and equipment inspections, which the user can view.
Program Nissan AR 2013 includes simple search function that allows user to search for parts by model, serial number, a catalog Nissan AR 2013 includes a list of details of applicability, the program provides service bulletins.
E-program Nissan AR 2013 is delivered on 1 CD, if necessary, full installation on a computer with operating systems - Windows XP.
Parts book Nissan AR 2013 is a dealer facilitates the search for specific parts and equipment, as it contains clear information about the product and helps with diagnostic tests to identify existing and potential problems, to carry out maintenance and repair problem areas and equipment faults.

The list of "fast" keys duplicating buttons on the panel of the program.
F2 The basic window of indexes of groups of spare parts
F3 Transition to figure under number of section (SEC)
F4 Search of figure under number and the name of section (SEC)
F5 Translation of number of a detail in figure in original number of a detail
F6 A seal
F7 Search of a detail or figure under the name
F9 Notes
F12 Clearing the screen
F11 An estimation of damage from collision

The program for Japanese (instead of not clear flourishes, hieroglyphs become visible) - NJWin 1.85

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Buy Nissan AR 2013 Parts Manual

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