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Renault Can Clip v.138

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Type: Diagnostic software

Quite difficult to find such a device to make a complete diagnosis, because each manufacturer uses its own communication protocol and official dealership equipment is very expensive. It is such an instrument Renault Can Clip v.138.
Renault Can Clip v.138 - intended to diagnose cars of concern Renault, Dacia, Samsung, from the oldest to all new models.
Diagnostic Scanner Renault CanClip was developed by the French company commissioned Actia Group Renault. Currently, diagnostic adapter Can Clip is made not only in the factories of Actia, to use the company's products must have a code Actia tolerance dealer group Renault, and used to diagnose the original Clip computer which cost quite as vysoka.No scanner Renault CanClip produced under license and in a number of Asian companies have the opportunity to buy the diagnostic adapter Renault CanClip you can work with and without access codes and a dedicated computer.

Buy Renault Can Clip v.138

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