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SDLG 12/2007
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SDLG 12/2007

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Type: Parts catalogue / repair manual

Dealer repair manuals SDLG provides detailed instructions for use, maintenance manual, electric and hydraulic diagrams, spare parts catalogs, service manuals, designed to improve the level of service of front wheel loaders.
Repair manual SDLG presents to users repair information, special instructions for all models of forklifts, guidelines for the management and maintenance, technical data and specifications, test results, all techniques, delays, service and catalog special tool.
In this guide, SDLG shows the repair and service information front wheel loaders.
Electronic workshop manual SDLG accommodates a detailed description of the loaders, as well as instructions for the repair, diagnostic components and assemblies, as well as maintenance.

E-program SDLG contains the following information:
Technical documentation for the front wheel loaders models LG936, 952, 953, 956, 968, CDM855, LG930-1, ZL 40F
Operation and maintenance manual and spare parts catalog from 03.2007 for front wheel loaders models:

Parts of 03.2007 for front wheel loaders models:
Spare parts, description and operation, manual operation, and maintenance of 01.2007 for:
CDM855 and CDM855E
Operation and maintenance manual for the front wheel loaders models:
ZL 40F

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