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Volvo Premium Tech Tool

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Type: Diagnostic software

Volvo Corporation - Swedish car maker, manufacturer of passenger cars "Volvo" b which is engaged in the production and maintenance of freight cars at the highest level.
Volvo Premium Tech Tool help to change factory settings onboard computers of all brands and models of trucks company Volvo.
Software Volvo Premium Tech Tool supported Tech Tool (VCADS Pro).
Diagnostic softwrae Volvo Premium Tech Tool works with the operating system - Windows XP Pro + SP3 only. The program Volvo Premium Tech Tool works with the tool VCADS Pro in normal or design mode.
The dealer tool Volvo Premium allows without a central server to provide access to the software level parameters Level2 and Level3.
Volvo Premium provides the ability to change the minimum (maximum) values ​​of the parameters (including the increase in the speed limit.)

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