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Volvo Tech Tool 2.02 (PTT / VCADS)

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Type: Diagnostic software

Brand Volvo traditionally associated with security.
Volvo Tech Tool 2.02 (PTT / VCADS) - dealer diagnostic trucks, buses, heavy equipment Volvo.
Dealer's equipment PTT / VCADS Volvo Group is designed for diagnosis and maintenance of heavy equipment Volvo.
Diagnostics of electronic components and reading parameters of the car. According to results of the program gives a complete description of the error, possible causes, and ways to eliminate it, with a full description of the problem.
Volvo Tech Tool 2.02 (PTT / VCADS) - diagnostic application specially designed to test, calibrate and program engine parameters. ECUs control components such as the engine, instrumentation and certain vehicles funtions.
The main purpose of PTT is to support the diagnostic and repair process to make it easier for technicians to work with the tools provided.

Buy Volvo Tech Tool 2.02 (PTT / VCADS)

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