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Mazda Japan 2011 (02.2011)
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Mazda Japan 2011 (02.2011)

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The spare parts catalog Mazda EPC2 JAPAN contains the full information on the models which have been released for the Japanese market. Full analogue of the program a Mazda the USA. It is delivered on five CDs, at installation occupies 8Mb, the program Mazda EPC2 JAPAN works with use of CD. It is possible to establish all CDs on a hard disk. The program Mazda EPC2 JAPAN supports only the Japanese language, but to work with it it is possible and without knowledge of those. Illustrations show such opportunity below. In the program there is a search on Japanese VIN, models, to number of the chassis.

Conflict Mazda Japan with other catalogues:

Installation Mazda LHD / RHD / Japan on one computer.

All Mazda EPC 2 clash among themselves, they use identical BDE adjustments and the general file mazepc.ini
At installation is created the ini-file of adjustments radically systems (varies).
It should be kept in a folder where have established the program and in the same place to create the BAT file with the following maintenance:

copy mazepc.ini %SystemRoot%mazepc.ini

 Region:   Japan
 Languages:  Japanese
 OS:  WinJapan
 Quantity of CD:  5 CD

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