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Suzuki Motorcycle-ATV (09.2008)
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Suzuki Motorcycle-ATV (09.2008)

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Electronic spare parts catalogue SUZUKI Motorcycle-ATV contains the information on all motorcycles and ATV firms. The catalogue Suzuki Motorcycle, ATV on three CDs is delivered, at the minimal installation borrows{occupies} 57Mb, at maximal 800 Mb, supports some languages, the interface of the program standard for production Bell+Howell. For work with the program the sanction of the monitor 1024x768 as at the sanction 800x600 the part of the information is not located on the screen is desirable. The program Suzuki Motorcycle, ATV works on VIN (sorts spare parts) or on models, search under number, the name, etc.


 Region:  Europe, USA
 Languages: English
 OS: Win2000, Win98, WinNT, WinXP
 Quantity of CD: 3 CD

Buy Suzuki Motorcycle-ATV (09.2008)

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